The Buzz 08.08.15

Tata, Aldona Wos!

The S.S. McCrory appears to be sinking.

It’s color, but that dashcam video is largely being viewed in black and white.

One hour on TV to explain how a really bad deal is better than no deal?

All Obama was missing was the Mission Accomplished banner.

Attack Joe Biden? Why? He’s his own worst enemy.

Reason GOP doesn’t need private meetings with Jon Stewart? They don’t have to outsource for comics.

That Lincoln County commissioner is in dire need of diversity training.

People like Carrol Mitchem are why I’m a None.

Social Security works. Social Security will go bankrupt. Someone is wrong!

Female athletes: First, equal crowds, then equal attention.

Why is it my grass is brown, but my weeds are green?

My rain barrel is showing signs of dry rot.

Thanks Starbucks, my latte now costs more than a gallon of gas.