The Buzz 08.09.15

If the Republicans shut down the government, how will we know?

My Dad taught me two words to live by: Yes, Officer…

Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Jerusalem?

GOP debate or “Ten Shades of Grey”?

Donald Trumpets.

I’m 100 percent behind a Kasich/Carson ticket.

Maybe we need 10 presidents.

Hillary’s secret weapon: Trump as a third party candidate.

Just raise the gas tax by 10 cents and forget all this toll gibberish!

Budget surplus + underpaid teachers = bumbling politicians.

Can’t cheer Waverly if traffic already makes you a Dr. Pepper driver – only venturing out 10, 2 and 4.

Wow, McCrory must get emotional at supermarket grand openings.

Of mice and rats... Scalia and Thomas – the George and Lennie of the Supreme Court.

Why is the CEO who makes $20M evil, but the athlete who does is celebrated?