The Buzz 08.10.15

That goat on I-85 at rush hour Thursday showed some good moves. Maybe the Panthers could use him.

We need more walls, less “diplomacy.”

This yellow-dog Democrat saw four Republican debaters he liked.

Rand Paul: yapping at the heels of the big dogs.

As a former New Yorker, I wonder what all the fuss is about Trump’s bluntness.

Donald says he can turn U.S. debt around because he has declared bankruptcy four times. Wait, what?

“Trumpery” Definition: “Showy, but of little value.”

My Buzzes are getting “Trumped.”

I thought Trump would be the scariest candidate, but his opponents scared me more.

You’re in the wrong market when... Biden is labeled a “fresh face.”

Can’t wait to see Hillary play with the big boys.

I do not discriminate when it comes to politicians – they’re all equally worthless in my sight.

Helping the enemy used to be called treason. Obama calls it foreign policy.