The Buzz 08.12.15

EPA, heal thyself.

It’s time to take the “P” out of “EPA”!

A scuffle between a hothead and a hotdog warrants the front page?

Lesson of Ferguson: No-indictment is an incitement.

I have Pride in my happy and colorless lifestyle, but don’t see a need to parade it.

Make untraceable campaign contributions illegal. End of problem.

Trump is like the Titanic – unsinkable.

Trump doesn’t scare me. The fact that some think he’s a viable candidate does!

We need an intelligence test for politicians, an integrity test for the media.

Seems a lot of contributions to Samaritan’s Purse ended up in Franklin’s purse.

Guess Franklin’s prayers have been answered.

Hillary’s income should be of more concern than Franklin’s.

Time to change it from the “Do not call” list to the “Do not answer” list.