The Buzz 08.13.15

Two things Trump’s money can’t buy: respect and dignity.

How much can we fine the EPA?

Environmental Pollution Agency.

Maybe Cam should play defense.

“Justified in pulling his gun but not in using it.” Really?

Anyone who owned HP stock while Fiorina was CEO already knows how “good” she is.

Will Hillary see the big house before she sees the White House?

Democrats better start working on Plan B(iden).

A former mayor in prison. A congressman being investigated by the FBI. Am I in N.C. or Jersey?

The folks who brought you the Iraq War have a sequel in the works. Brilliant!

$19K in campaign funds for clothing only makes you look fat.

Using campaign funds to splurge on clothes is in-Saine!

Breweries are for adults. If you want a beer with your kids, go to Chuck E. Cheese.