The Buzz 08.26.15

A Wall Street correction? I use a different word when I see my 401K!

“W” endorses Jeb and the market drops 500 points. Trickle down?

Wish every second grader could have a Carly Deal!

Looking forward to a photo of retired teachers drinking mimosas on the first day of school.

Gov. McCrory’s gift for teachers: “Thanks, and have some cookies.”

Sycamore Partners Bowl... Just doesn’t roll off of the tongue like Belk Bowl.

If Donald Trump is the answer, you’re asking the wrong question.

Pittenger “clearly” disclosed markups just like Hillary clearly released her emails.

Some who cheered OJ’s acquittal are now having trouble understanding reasonable doubt.

Race is always the issue. It’s called implicit bias.

Mr. Fennebresque, please don’t take us as total nits. Ross’ firing was all politics.

A career politician is like a cancer disguised as a cure.