The Buzz 08.27.15

H.R.C. – Hillary Rodham Convict?

Bozo is now driving the GOP double-decker clown bus – and he’s looking for a cliff.

Working on a new dance step: the Trump shuffle.

Trump appeals to those looking for simple answers to complex problems.

Show some restraint, media. Pick a day of the week not to talk about Trump.

No doubt now about Fennebresque, is there?

N.C. budget “deadline” was July 1! Webster’s definition must be wrong?

Seldom as much $$$ in a city’s budget for the poor as for improving its image.

How to urbanize UNCCville? Smile ruefully and dynamite big boxes.

Pittenger – where there is smoke...

Real Housewives of Baxter Village sipping mimosas. Here we come Bravo TV!

If China is so financially inept, how is it we owe them trillions?

Panthers won’t need flu shots. No one catches anything.