The Buzz 08.28.15

Planned Parenthood is a lollipop with poison at its core. Remove the core, I’ll buy.

Tick, tick, tick Liz Warren.

That bump we felt was Gov. Haley’s “new South” bus to national politics running over S.C. heritage.

Streetcar: Proof that free stuff works.

Streetcar exceeds projection? Remember the NASCAR Hall of Fame!

Frustration with Washington I get. Putting Trump in the White House I don’t.

It’s not that the silent majority likes Trump; they like what he advocates.

N.C. legislature, a bonus is not a raise!

Thanks lawmakers, that $750 bonus will just about cover the loss of my medical tax deductions.

Meaningful raises for teachers are always a priority for next year.

Rodney’s rush on Kerrick caused Rodney’s rush to retire.

How long before a gallon of gas and a barrel of oil are the same price?

Lost dog. Front page. Really?