The Buzz 08.29.15

It’ll take time for CMPD to remove those tire tracks from Kerrick’s uniform.

Wrong again, Mr. Fennebresque. The “best university system in the country” wouldn’t cheat.

Ann Clark should lead the next 10 first days of school!

N.C. legislators should be kept after school!

3,318 years? Don’t leave the light on for me.

Time to point and aim at the right target to stop these murders – the NRA.

Outlawing guns would really help, just like it has with drugs, right?

“Streetcar exceeds rider projections” Hello – it’s free!

I’d vote for Jorge Ramos before I’d vote for Donald Trump.

He’s not a trump, he’s a trip!

Since everyone is running for vice president, I nominate George Clooney.

Refreshing to see a Leonard Pitts article that wasn’t about race.

If Cheney and Bush aren’t in jail, I’m not worried about Hillary’s emails!