The Buzz 09.02.15

Queen Charlotte, you trouble-maker, why can’t you do as you’re tolled?

So, Gov. McCrory is now an evangelical preacher? Oy vey!

The best and worst teacher at my school gets a $750 raise. Seems fair.

Not one word about “newcomers” from Mexico and farther south.

I see the King has decided to rename mountains.

Highest point in U.S.: Denali. Lowest point: government approval ratings.

If the Donald wins, Denali becomes Trump Tower?

Be careful, voters! Elect Trump and Kanye could be next.

If Jerry gets a road, then name the toll road after McCrory.

Pretty obvious driver’s ed isn’t doing much good in N.C.

Build another high-rise and watch traffic accidents rise too!

Darth Cheney is against the Iran deal? Now, I’m really for it!

All those hearing aid ads... Half of Charlotte must be deaf.