The Buzz 09.04.15

Send those hearing aid ads to N.C. DOT.

What did the Buzzer say about the hearing aid ads? I couldn’t hear him.

Cancel my membership. The chamber CEO takes his toll.

Convicted dog abuser forbade from owning a dog for 6 months. That’ll teach him!

Has our president noticed our law enforcement officers are being murdered?

“The King” is not renaming Mt. McKinley. Just giving it back its original name.

I bid one no Trump.

UNC vs USC – a great college game ruined by pro pricing.

I detest sitting at the green light while you text!

More Keith Larson articles, please!

Let Joe run in 2020. That should give him enough time to make up his mind.

My mind freezes up at the thought of Kim Kardashian as first lady.

I see they took the “fasting” part out of the prayer breakfast ad. Gov. must be bringing cookies.