The Buzz 09.06.15

Passengers Orr, Rucho, Vinroot, and Samuelson please claim your excess baggage and exit the airport.

Bush vs Clinton in 2016 – Status meet Quo.

Biden displaying true political qualities: “I don’t know.”

Finally a good use for all those guns – to shoot down drones!

Would you go to jail for your God?

Better headline: “Hypocrite jailed, her staff upholds the law.”

Maybe the Kentucky clerk could work at the Washington bakery?

Deflategate, Kimgate. Play ball, marry whomever. Just end Lawyergate.

Tom Brady – poster boy for America’s new mantra: “Anything to win.”

I hope someday I can be as wealthy as the Clintons when they were broke.

Hey NRA, innocent lives matter!

Training should begin at home, not the police academy.

Nurturing teachers who nurture our children. What a concept!