The Buzz 09.09.15

Were the $176K airport signs painted by Picasso?

Better to look “silly” for canceling toll contract than stupid for accepting.

Not enough psychiatrists? That’s crazy.

Zoo chimps swat drones. What do they know that we don’t?

How many refugees is Pope Francis putting up at the Vatican?

Haven’t heard a word about Rucho lately. That’s scary.

11 shot, 5 dead including a little boy. Not a peep from Putney?

I wonder if the oath Kim Davis took included her hand on a Bible?

Church and/or state: Trying to conveniently have it both ways.

Hillary can wipe her server, but not her slate.

Can Democrats divorce Hillary before the wedding?

Hope and Change works when both sides are willing to change.

Give a man a hammer and everything looks like a nail; give him a gun and everyone looks like a target.