The Buzz 09.10.15

7-year-old lives matter.

Thank you, but you can keep the Obama change.

Paul Krugman – poster child for “none are so blind as those who will not see.”

Clinton coat of arms: a grinning Cheshire Cat over the motto “Mistakes were made.”

Thom Tillis would vote against motherhood if he thought Obama was for it.

Europe’s immigration problems make ours look mild.

Can the country afford for Dick Cheney to be wrong again?

So, the N.C. budget will be passed when?

Keep government open. Shut down Congress.

Kim Davis refuses to do her government job – and she’s a hero?

Kim Davis – There’s no saint like a reformed sinner, honey.

Keep the history, replace the monuments – minus the Confederate flag.

“Grrock!” “Wheyoo!” “Grrock!” “Wheyoo!” Women’s tennis.