The Buzz 09.11.15

Ted and Donald – students of the Dick Cheney Chicken-hawk School of Foreign Policy.

Trump says “stupid people” negotiated the Iran deal, but he wants Palin in his cabinet.

Hillary Clinton transparent, please, I can see right through her.

Clinton’s email was George Bush’s fault.

How many mulligans does Hillary get?

Huckabee and Cruz – conservatives’ Jackson and Sharpton.

Getting tougher on white collar crime? Too little, too late.

I’m betting the boss won’t embrace “mastery learning.”

CLT is a smash, but Orr gets zip? Two thumbs down.

Delete the Catawba River bridge project. Build the Belmont Tunnel.

Methinks thou doth protest too much, Mr. Pittenger.

The Vatican is housing two refugee families. Do your homework!

In our house collards have always been cool!