The Buzz 09.16.15

People watch the GOP debates for the same reason they watch NASCAR – to see the wrecks.

I’m confused. Does God decide what sin is, or does Kim Davis?

Kim Davis had her 15 minutes of fame. Please don’t give her 16.

I foresee a run for Congress, Kim.

Will Bernie Sanders pay for his utopia or is he counting on the Tooth Fairy?

Which is worse? The California or Trump wildfires?

Next, politicians will claim the trolley cures baldness.

So now the Public Defender’s office is indigent too?

Cal Thomas has gone so far right he’s coming back from the left.

Cal’s brain hijacked? Yes, but that was years ago!

Charlotte 30 years behind Atlanta? Thank God!

Veterans wait for health care while politicians rename mountains.

Baked the Pastor’s pies. They were heavenly!

If I get to heaven and find these TV preachers, I’m leavin’.