The Buzz 09.17.15

At least we won’t pay tax on dog grooming, one of Rucho’s pet proposals.

Commuters flood into Mecklenburg while their sales taxes flood into Cherokee and Currituck!

Good luck getting Ballantyne to agree that “we’re all in this together.”

Jeez, it seemed like a good idea to let people bring guns into bars.

No more marriage licenses, only learner’s permits.

My 2016 match-up: Ben and Nikki

Any perceived resemblance of Trump to Roosevelt and Reagan is purely delusional.

Nothing says “welcome,” Hungary, quite like razor wire!

Settle all Syrian refugees in D.C. – where the refugee crisis was started.

I’ll take Sanders’ utopia for the same cost of those tax “cuts” and Iraq war!

Is “Texting While Driving” an elective? No, it’s parent taught!

It ought to be called Dancing With Fringe Celebrities.

P L E A S E, bring back the red light cameras!