The Buzz 10.02.15

We already have no-go areas for criminals. It’s called prison.

Rodney didn’t retire, he ran.

Dear Coca-Cola, don’t let Rodney settle any lawsuits.

Our long, N.C. nightmare is over! Until the start of the next legislative session.

23 good and fair N.C. Republicans stood up to the madness. More, please!

Wish all candidates would run off.

If in 2012 you overlooked Obama’s deceit/debacles/division, “low information” is kind.

Seems that once-clear line between right and wrong has been blurred.

Putin plays chess while Obama plays checkers.

Duke Energy sure gets its money’s worth from political contributions. From $25M to $7M?

Fight student loan debt. Stop giving the NBA and NFL free training.

“Deconfliction” is short for Putin has Obama on the run.

Water on Mars? Surely Charlotte will find a way to collect Martian stormwater “fees”!