Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 10.02.15

Betty Chafin Rash
Betty Chafin Rash

Medicaid reform bad for doctors, patients

In response to “Is Medicaid reform good for N.C.?” (Oct. 1 Opinion):

Contrary to op-ed columnist Joseph Kyzer’s assertion, privatization of public health care insurance coverage increases expense by continued fragmentation of administration and incentives to reward stockholders at the expense of patient care.

Doctors are fed up with the nightmare of private insurance red tape and inefficiencies that adversely affect quality and access to care.

This move will add to the demoralization of our already frazzled physicians who also provide care to people covered by Medicaid.

Dr. Warren Steinmuller, Charlotte

Clodfelter stood out at mayoral debate

In response to “Dems spar over schools, growth” (Oct. 1):

As a former City Council member and mayor pro tem I listened with keen interest to the debate between Mayor Dan Clodfelter and Jennifer Roberts.

I was struck by the mayor’s deep understanding of these issues, as well as his ability to articulate solutions – in contrast to his opponent. Whether on transit, economic opportunity, homelessness, affordable housing, or land use policies he responded thoughtfully and knowledgeably.

He also reminded the audience of his years of experience in the N.C. Senate, a bonus for us when increasingly state legislative decisions impact our city. The airport is but one example.

He was impressive. Let’s keep him as our mayor!

Betty Chafin Rash, Charlotte

Thanks for increase in N.C. arts funding

In response to “What legislators did – and didn’t – do in 2015 session” (Oct. 1):

The writer is executive director of Children’s Theatre of Charlotte and on the Arts North Carolina board.

Missing from the “what they did” list in Thursday’s article was increasing funding for North Carolina Arts Council programs by just over $1 million.

Programs that received increased funding were the Grassroots Arts Program, which reaches all 100 N.C. counties, and A+ Schools, a very successful arts integration program.

Funding increased for the first time in eight years because these programs succeed in improving student outcomes and have direct positive impact in every corner of our state.

I commend legislators for increasing funding for programs that do a great deal for N.C. citizens of all ages. It is a worthy investment.

Hannah Grannemann, Charlotte

Where’s GOP that favored local control?

In response to “Move to restrict some local regulations falters” (Sept. 30):

Rep. Paul Stam and Sen. Chad Barefoot should be ashamed of themselves for submitting a bill to restrict local regulations.

At one time, the Republican party stood for local government, recognizing that people closer to the ground had a better understanding of how to serve their communities.

If, as Barefoot says, local ordinances are hampering businesses, then the market will take care of that and those communities will see businesses move to other communities.

Why not let the market forces prevail, as is so often proposed by the Republican majority?

A special thanks to those who prevented SB 279 from taking away the authority of local governments across the state.

Jim Cook, Charlotte

On Syria, I don’t trust Putin or Obama

Either Russian President Vladimir Putin is being duplicitous with President Obama or Obama is being duplicitous with Americans, or perhaps both. In any event, I trust neither to protect the interests of America.

Phillip Greene, Charlotte

USDA’s inaction should outrage us

In response to “The cruelty behind a ballpark hot dog” (Sept. 24 Opinion):

If the USDA cannot control this inhumane slaughter in the meat packing industry, how can it control the quality of meat most Americans are putting on their family tables?

My daughter and I have been vegetarians for over 30 years for humane reasons. I’m not advocating that everyone should become vegetarian, but I am asking that you have enough concern over the USDA’s lack of enforcing the law to contact your U.S. representatives.

Bonnie Lowder, Charlotte