The Buzz 10.03.15

Will Frontier’s direct flight to Denver be called “The Cannabis Express”?

O.K. Trump, I’m calling your bluff. Deport Joaquin.

Roberts/Clodfelter will be the least of our runoff problems by Tuesday.

Putin could retire on the lunch money he has taken from Obama.

Russian president, varsity. U.S. president, junior varsity.

On the double-dare-you scale, does Kerry’s “grave concern” rate higher/lower than Obama’s “red line”?

Can’t get out of I-77 contract? Put orange barrels in the toll lane for 50 years! Problem solved!

Whose knee would a Speaker McCarthy sit on?

Mr. Driggs, City Council, any shred of hope that you give a rip about gridlock on Providence Road?

Lecturing the Pope on right and wrong. That’s audacity, Noah.

Chief Monroe, from protecting people to protecting sugar-laced beverages?

Roses are red, Pages are pink, I don’t think, I like this ink.