The Buzz 10.04.15

Hard to see that line in the sand when you have your head in it.

So now diplomacy is a weakness?

General Assembly to governor: See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya!

So, the best choice for mayor is a man who promised he wouldn’t run?

Has the water on Mars been tested for Duke’s coal ash?

Even the NRA should be sick of this by now.

Another shooting in a gun free zone! If only there’d been an officer with a gun!

America, wake up. GUNS kill!

Why take my gun away I didn’t do it.

Stop kidding yourself. A partial truth is a complete lie.

McCarthy let the cat out of the bag!

Let all those wanting to commit U.S. troops to Syria drive the Humvees.

City renovates 85-year-old building. Say what!

So, certain conversational expressions, you know, are very annoying, right, OK?