The Buzz 10.07.15

Did the N.C. legislature leave anything local governments can do?

The editorial spin on sanctuary cities is enough to crank up another hurricane.

Dan, you lost me when you went negative.

The Second Amendment is like the Bible – regularly misquoted.

What if those entering gun shows were harassed like women at abortion clinics?

If everyone packed a pistol, no one would draw first.

Oregon offered Capitol Hill another first and 10, yet again they punt.

Please put me in touch with the person who was here 1,000 years ago to gather rain data.

Time-Warner’s big ad: far too little, far too late.

If Cole Porter wrote “Anything Goes” today, he’d include the Charlotte Presbytery.

KGB vs. community organizer. Sadly, my money is on KGB.

Time for Obama to hit the reset button with Russia.

My son and I disagree. He says tattoo artist is a great career choice. I say tattoo removal artist!