The Buzz 10.08.15

A Pittenger lie detector test would resemble a 9.2 earthquake.

Every time I amble toward gun control, I trip over the Second Amendment.

NRA – weapon of mass destruction.

Well, we’ve already changed the Bible. Should be real easy to change the Bill of Rights.

Jennifer Roberts? I rest my case.

Dan, this is what happens when you fail to keep your promises.

“You can never underestimate the sliminess of the current General Assembly.” Classic.

I’m betting David Granberry is a Democrat.

Billy became “more forgiving, more loving.” Franklin? Not so much.

May I water my lawn now?

Social media – a Petri dish for stupidity.

Well, being the worst 4-0 team is better than being the best 0-4 team.

Self-driving cars? Thought those were called cabs.