The Buzz 10.09.15

Ms. Roberts’ defense of the indefensible revaluation is simply indefensible.

Fracking begins in N.C.… Start in Sen. Rucho’s yard.

New asphalt for Park Road, but same old potholes.

The federal government is bad – until the floods come.

Too many Americans have bought what the NRA is selling and seem unwilling to take it back.

Seems Hillary “reset” relations with Russia alright – back to 1960.

Putin just drew a red line through Obama.

All you Putin lovers are welcome to move to his (Capitalist?) Paradise.

Maybe if Putin gets a Nobel Peace Prize too, he’ll stop bullying Obama.

“W” and Cheney were also community organizers – for ISIS.

Kudos to the sheriff for refusing to say the shooter’s name.

Silly college professors, raises are just for administrators!

Offer express voting lanes in general elections for those who took the trouble to vote in the primary!