The Buzz 10.10.15

Jeb should have listened to mom.

Looks like Hillary’s cloud may be brewing a storm.

Ed or Jennifer? I’ll vote for the one who reinstates red-light cameras.

It’s my favorite time of year – cooler temps, fall colors, Raleigh in recess.

Don’t blame the legislature for the poor when you give the Panthers $88M.

Wouldn’t it have been cheaper to plant two trees at the airport than $265K art?

Who needs “express voting lanes” when nobody’s there?

Swisher is getting swished.

That bully Putin is taking Obama’s lunch money again!

I support the Second Amendment – every man should have the right to own a flintlock rifle.

Obama to visit Oregon – surrounded by Secret Service guns.

Just what do you think “assault rifle” means?

If there is a God, then why is there pledge week?