The Buzz 10.11.15

Can we send UN peace keepers to Congress?

The House looks more like a bunch of middle schoolers than national leaders.

Nancy Pelosi is looking better and better.

Obama’s transformation replaced America’s brick mansion with a straw hut.

Kerrick will need more than that for surgery to remove the knife CMPD buried in his back.

Please pave Fourth Street. My fillings are coming loose.

Looks like South Carolina will be digging into its rainy day fund.

The NEA is to teachers what the UAW was to the auto workers – slow death.

Hey Dan, please run for U.S. Senate. The state and country need you.

A viable effort to stop mass shootings and gun violence begins with term limits.

It’s not the Second Amendment you’re “tripping over.” It’s NRA paranoia!

The chemist who formulates tattoo ink that disappears in five years will be rich!