The Buzz 10.15.15

Biggest difference between Bernie and Hillary seemed to be height.

Hillary should be completely honest with herself and cast her vote for Bernie.

If Cherie inspected the elevator, I think I’ll take the stairs.

Oh the ups and downs of being Cherie Berry!

CMS doesn’t deserve you, Ann Clark. Take retirement.

And what part of “well-regulated militia” don’t you understand?

Roberts/Peacock, Cooper/McCrory, Hillary/Trump – tough time to be a voter.

Want change? Trump for president, Judge Judy for vice president!

Just my luck. I just got a subscription to Playboy.

Obama says ISIS could be defeated in a year. Yeah, but not by us.

Obama got to the Syrian dance so late the band had gone home.

Is the Freedom Caucus the Tea Party carved in stone?

Spurrier sees the handwriting on the USC wall.