The Buzz 10.31.15

I’m achin’ for my bacon.

We kill the animals, then they kill us. It’s only fair.

Need help picking a new superintendent? John Fennebresque is available.

GOP debate strategy: Blame the Media or Big Government.

Jeb, please just step away from the campaign!

Yet another Bush in need of an exit strategy.

Maybe when the GOP Circus meets again, the ringmaster could turn off the mics when time’s up.

I’d sooner have Dr. Seuss for president than Dr. Carson. More grounded in reality.

Looking for freedom in the Freedom Caucus.

The UN is useless. Send the “ambassadors” home and convert the building to condos.

Charter schools put too many students in uncharted waters.

Trivia puzzles above the fold, logic below. Perfect reflection of today’s society.

Dammit, Scarlett, I’ll text you tomorrow – Rhett Butler 2015.