The Buzz 11.04.15

Rappelling gear? Who’s working the gates now, Homeland Security?

“Jeb can fix it” only seems fair since his little brother broke it.

Looks like sondown for the Bush clan.

Jeb knows it’s not who’s leading in the polls, it’s who’s leading in the money.

I’ll be making changes to future debates, too. I won’t be watching!

Maybe the next GOP debate should be on Nickelodeon.

My rain gauge runneth over.

Will the McClatchy and McCrory children please report to the principal’s office?

Man-up, Gov., and stop blaming the media!

Chancellors deserve those raises – think of all the money they saved by hiring adjuncts.

Van der Vaart in charge of environmental quality is like Dracula in charge of the blood bank.

Hot dogs and bacon cause cancer? Baloney.