The Buzz 11.05.15

I guess higher ed does pay – if you’re a chancellor.

Sometimes one wishes Charlotte’s mayor had more power. This is not one of those times.

Note to Edwin: That elephant in the room is still Pat McCrory.

Next mayoral election, let the Sports writers make the picks.

Nice to see the streetcar is popular. When does pony express begin service?

At least the BofA protesters didn’t sneak in extra water!

Gov. Pat listens – to political free $peech.

Roy Cooper has a big head start in the governor’s race. He’s been running for 20 years.

Are Marco Rubio’s numbers rising as fast as his work absences?

Physician Carson, heal ourselves!

Mr. Pitts could find something racist about eating a black and white cookie.

Benghazi epitaph: People died, Hillary lied.

Can someone please explain the time change to our dogs?