The Buzz 11.07.15

No mountain power line! Go, Duke (Energy)!

Thanks to all the good people who ran for office!

I knew McCrory frequently sees no evil but apparently he doesn’t hear it either.

Quid pro quo? To jail Graeme Keith will never go.

Dems biting hands of Observer editors because, for once, they didn’t agree? Oh, my.

Instead of raising UNC chancellors’ salaries, hire more classroom janitors!

First question at the next GOP debate: “Tell us about your Mama.”

Shocker! Who would have thought the ACA really isn’t affordable?

Ben Carson says many Americans are stupid. That include his supporters?

Mr. President, it appears the JVs are kicking the varsity’s back side.

If the same highway exit comes as a surprise each day, don’t get mad when I don’t let you in.

Putting the Food pages before the Opinion pages is… is… Socialism!