The Buzz 11.11.15

“Climate change” in mall melts glacier.

Happy to hear SouthPark is restoring the pagan symbol for the winter solstice.

Nothing says North Pole like a tree.

It just won’t be Christmas without the glacier…

The real war on Christmas is extreme consumerism, not Starbucks or SouthPark!

Maybe Mizzou football could get Congress working again?

Chancellor Folt should go on a hunger strike until Roy Williams resigns.

Cam, keep taking down opposing teams – not their banners.

Way to protect the house, Cam!

Dangerous criminals get released every day, it’s called “out on bail.”

Boots on the ground: Police officers and public school teachers.

It takes a community to raise a child. CMS has killed communities.

Scattered site men’s shelters?

Wonder how Putin likes his terrorist friends now?