The Buzz 11.13.15

The new Nature Museum should include an exhibit of a bankrupt taxpayer.

That’s not a Christmas tree. That’s an Erector set.

Why is Furtick so furtive?

The real “Superman” would not have done it!

Player of the Week, maybe. Citizen of the Year, not yet!

Formula for cleaning up N.C.: Start with political contributions.

Election campaigns and promises – best fairy tales ever written.

Trump’s deportation plan sounds like a variation of removing the geese from the golf course.

Dr. Carson may have separated twins, but he’s having difficulty separating fact from fiction!

I’ll vote for the candidate who actually answers the question that was asked.

Missouri football players, with great power comes great responsibility.

Starbucks cup should be 100 percent green. That’s all they’re concerned about.

Who ever heard of leftover doughnuts?