The Buzz 12.02.15

Dear N.C. educators, Maybe you should try filling GOP stockings?

Spent my Black Friday in a shopping maul.

Some of us are taking “My home is my temple” way too far.

Nothing says “pro-life” quite like murder?

Evidently Apodaca and Rucho have run out of things to mess up.

“Sale extended” tells you all you need to know about Obama’s economy.

How dare Wells Fargo demand sales quotas! Where do they think we are, America?

It’s a damn shame when you can’t stop at a restroom without getting shot.

I don’t remember Billy Graham charging anything to hear him preach.

If Jesus were on Earth today, would he live in a 16,000-square-foot home?

Mr. President, get back to us when the Saudis start taking refugees.

Observer minus Sorensen equals a loss.

We’re the Panthers – come git you a mess of it.