The Buzz 12.03.15

The calendar says December, but my grass still thinks it’s April.

Hey weather forecasters, it rained. It wasn’t a terrorist attack.

Best gobble all we can while our Foxx is in the coop, eh?

Sen. Apodaca has finished what he set out to do: ruin N.C.

Guess Bob and Tom saw the writing on the wall.

Remind me again who thought it was a good idea for UNCC to field a football team?

Zuckerberg for president!

Ted Cruz, your invisible Tea Party cloak is showing.

Trump supporters also believe professional wrestling is real.

White House fence-jumping is becoming so popular it might as well be an Olympic event.

Can’t wait to see the White House fence Trump proposes. It’ll be huuugge!

30K diplomats/delegates at the climate conference. How many got there in an electric vehicle?

Hey Tom, you made a lot of grown men cry Sunday.