The Buzz 12.04.15

14 more. Congress, are you listening?

Leonard Pitts almost made it through a column without blaming Republicans.

All I want for Christmas is a bullet-proof vest.

Dream on, Gov!

McCrory should’ve followed Apodaca and Rucho to the nearest exit.

Won’t miss him. But I will miss saying Apodaca.

Less coal? There are still plenty of stockings that need that coal!

Sorry Secret Santas with the $100 bills, Obama’s way ahead of you!

Really Buzzer? You’re nostalgic for Bush subprime meltdown, 10 percent unemployment?

Mr. President, I’m more afraid of my plane being blown up than of glaciers melting.

I’m only interested in the emails that Hillary did not write.

If Trump really is a Clinton plant, he’s growing great!

Joel Osteen – pastor or performing artist?