The Buzz 12.05.15

Nothing says Christmas like antlers on a car.

McCrory’s odds of re-election? About as good as pre-season odds Panthers would go 16-0.

Looks like the sleeper cells are waking up. Will we?

Politicians’ thoughts and prayers aren’t working. Do something!

Warning: Holding your breath while waiting for Obama to say “Islamic terrorism” may be hazardous to your health.

NRA: Not Responsible Association.

Bombs found at apartment not meant for jihad? That’s a pipe dream!

Treat guns like cars – registered and insured, with payouts when havoc is wreaked?

A greater threat than climate change or ISIS? President Obama.

Water scarcity…wait, what?

Still “more to do,” Pat? How low can N.C. go?

Parkwood diet: Starve the street; feed the sidewalk.

Defensive Player of the Year, certainly – but why not MVP?