The Buzz 12.11.15

Trump wants to burn down the haystack to find the needle.

Keep the Mexicans, accept some Syrian refugees – and deport Trump.

Ban all U.S. citizens from the Middle East.

Obama’s speech: He ain’t changing what ain’t workin’.

Cheney and Obama finally agree on something – dump Trump!

Shame on me, Mr. Trump, for thinking what you were saying.

Franklin gets an “A” for good works, an “F” for good sense.

Sorry Franklin, sometimes words (support of bigotry) speak louder than actions (Operation Christmas Child).

Economy a car? Then Congress needs to take its foot off the brake.

Barack bottom? He pulled us out of the Bushes full of war and recession!

Obama is the leading gun salesman in America.

Polls show zero percent care what Obama’s favorite book/song are.

Are half-staff flags the new normal?