The Buzz 12.12.15

So Justice Scalia, separate and unequal?

All those smoke-belching, unmuffled diesel pickups make VW look like Mr. Clean.

Hey Franklin, Jesus never said “Suffer the little children to come unto me, except the Muslim ones.”

Franklin, your apple fell far from the tree.

Hush Franklin before you kill the golden goose you took from Billy.

If we allow it, we deserve to be Trumped!

Trump’s remarks won’t affect this Republican – I still won’t vote for him.

Unraveling Chicago Democrats’ corruption is like pulling an endless string.

Airlines certainly don’t believe in a classless society.

Showboat and Rowboat are great – against lousy teams.

For fans of Charlotte’s pro sports teams, these are the good old days.

With these winter temps, it seems I put away my summer clothes too soon!

Way cool, Sorensen, way cool. Godspeed.