The Buzz 12.13.15

Dear County,

Re Eastland: Send money.

Love, City.

Staff changes due to politics! The new shark has teeth!

It’s true. “Nothing Compares” to the lightning speed at which N.C. is being dismantled.

McCrory delivered on transparency. We can see right through his prison deal.

Banish Dannye Romine Powell to the doghouse.

Me-ouch, Dannye. Spoken like a true cat-lady.

First the 2nd, now the 14th, the 1st is next.

House Speaker Ryan, the beard just doesn’t fit the position.

Hide and hope is not a survival strategy. End gun-free zones.

Guns – can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

The heck with ISIS, let’s defeat Trump.

There is a difference between bigotry and security.

Actions speak louder than touchy-feely words, Mr. President.