The Buzz 12.16.15

Not my choice, but if it takes a Cruz missile to down Trump in Iowa, fire!

Ted Cruz: Trump Lite.

Solar farms “suck up all the energy from the sun”? What have Woodland, N.C. folks been sniffing?

Woodland: Marching boldly back to the Dark Ages.

True, people kill people, but guns make it sooo easy.

America – land of the free because of the armed!

It wasn’t long ago that they said the same thing about people with names like Scalia.

Climate accord will help GOP see green.

Kerry says climate agreement creates jobs. Right, government enforcement jobs!

Just paid $1.56 for gas – thanks to Obama’s leading-from-behind energy policy!

Learned to drive on dirt roads. Comes in handy driving in Charlotte.

May the force be with you! Force is measured in Newtons, right?