It looks bad, governor

From an editorial Friday in the (Raleigh) News & Observer:

Sometimes, Gov. Pat McCrory seems to think he’s still the mayor of Charlotte, where big business officials and their representatives on the Chamber of Commerce have traditionally run the city and enjoyed close friendships with a succession of mayors who did their bidding.

So perhaps the governor really didn’t think there was any problem with appearances when he, his environmental officials, his chief of staff and officials of Duke Energy enjoyed a nice dinner at the Executive Mansion in Raleigh last June. WRAL reported the meeting this week.

The meeting demonstrates an amazing lack of awareness, as at the time Duke was in the middle of dealing with some of the fallout from a coal ash spill in the Dan River.

The governor should understand that meetings such as this one just look bad, coming as a company with which the governor had a long-term connection (providing him a handsome livelihood) is in the midst of controversy with different levels of government. If the governor isn’t astute about such appearances, those around him should be.