The Buzz 02.12.16

Feel the “Bern” – in your wallet!

Better an avowed socialist than a closet one.

Thanks, Gov. Christie, for your excellent smack down of Marco R2D2 Rubio.

Primaries – the only time when third place is a major victory.

What next? Gloria and Madeleine dunk women till they swear fealty to Hil?

Which one was Carly Fiorina?

Lindsey backing Jeb. What could go wrong?

Jeb to his mom: Help, I’ve fallen (in the polls) and I can’t get up.

I trust gas station sushi more than Hillary.

Seems McCray is the McProblem.

$200,000 gift bag for each Oscar nominee? Give me a break.

David Brooks – a thoughtful Republican. Thank you, Lord!

If Brooks thinks he’s a Republican, then I’m in the wrong party.

Two wrecks on the same page – German trains and the president’s budget.