The Buzz 02.18.16

You’d think CMPD could find a tokin’ white guy.

The “accuweather” machines need to be defrosted.

Can I keep my school, like I could keep my doctor?

Maybe Carowinds needs to bring back vintage prices?

Two common sense options for redistricting: Longitude, latitude.

Google Fiber is creating lots of jobs – for utility repair crews.

Want justice? Put Anita Hill on the Court.

If ever I loved the 22nd Amendment, ’tis now.

Scare of the day: Donald Trump could help choose the next justice.

Bernie says he’ll give us the moon. Will that affect the ocean tides?

With Jeb!, desperation is spelled “George.”

At least Reagan acted like a serious candidate.

Please, let there be a presidential candidate with class and professionalism somewhere!

“None of the above” is looking better every day.