The Buzz 02.22.16

Cowboy Barack’s high horse, “Filibusteralito,” reeks of hypocrisy.

An Apple a day does not keep the FBI away.

Who appointed Apple to protect my privacy?

Two greatest inventions of all time in an election year: caller ID and the mute button.

Sorry, Donald, when it comes to honesty and integrity, the Pope trumps you.

The same people who’ve questioned the president’s faith for eight years are angry because the Pope questioned Trump’s?

It’s time for a separation of church and primaries.

After listening to all the debates, I am ready for a monarchy.

Economic malaise, racial inflammation, federal intrusion, foreign affairs depression – Why am I ANGRY?

Not OK for Hillary to take speaker fees from Goldman Sachs, but OK for Cruz’s wife to work for them?

Aggressive Congressional hearings on Benghazi. How about equally aggressive on Flint water crisis!

Thought oil prices had really tanked – until I had my oil changed.