The Buzz 02.27.16

CMS: Constantly Moving Students.

Matthews School District has a nice ring to it.

Way to stand up for the common good, Matthews.

CMS Board – inadvertent creators of charter schools.

Ron Carlee: Manager of the Unmanageable.

If I wanted government to have a backdoor to my phone, I’d move to China.

Waterboard the iPhone.

I have a new song for Beyonce: “Put a lid on it.”

Jennifer, Jennifer, what have you done?

How do you know they’re not already using your bathroom?

Were Sodom and Gomorrah world-class cities?

Three Bushes and you’re out!

Another poo fight in the GOP monkey house Thursday night.

The candidate field is overfertilized.

Voters are rocking the Republican primary yacht.

Looks like TrusTed is getting DusTed!