The Buzz 03.02.16

Welcome to the club, Rock Hill. Signed: Union County!

Voter IQ is a much bigger problem than voter ID.

Time to take a bite out of the Apple.

Trump wins an Oscar for Best Performance as a Conservative by a Liberal.

Can we get Fiorina back?

Time to practice saying “Madam President.”

Trump: “Make America Hate Again”?

I don’t think Trump supporters’ earphones are working.

Bernie’s Socialism is like a GI Bill for social justice warriors.

Mitch’s Senate has gone from “advise and consent” to “demise and torment.”

WWLD: What Would Lincoln Do?

Just say no to Billary!

Let’s be fair. Next year’s Oscars host should be Rush Limbaugh.

Litter, litter it makes me so bitter. Why, oh why, does our state look like a pigsty?