The Buzz 03.03.16

Some people believe they have privacy. The joke’s on them.

CMS can stir oil and water all day, but if ever they stop it’ll separate.

NASCAR CEO endorses Trump. Loves the way Donald talks in circles.

I no longer feel bad that I’m not a NASCAR fan.

GOP needs to wake up to the vast support for Trump.

Too many holes in Hillary’s “Make America Whole Again” plan.

Rubio Trumps Hillary.

Is that a spray tan or is Donald a die-hard Clemson fan?

Trump: Make America Grate Again!

R.I.P., GOP.

Carson and Kasich: The quieter you are, the brighter you appear.

Nothing like a heavy dose of Krauthammer on Saturday to stir up the crazies.

Thank God for Saturdays. I get to read a real conservative columnist.

Seems the N.C. state flower is either a Styrofoam cup or a plastic bag.