The Buzz 03.04.16

NCDOT should’ve done some legwork before agreeing to the road work.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the France family tree.

Even with few rules in politics, Trump has broken most of them.

Donald Trump – America’s Kim Jong-Un?

Trump – the GOP’s Trojan hearse.

Trump has old, white Republicans and the media scared. Maybe he’s good?

Choosing between Hillary and Donald is like choosing between ipecac and castor oil!

Rick Perry anyone?

If Rubio is “happy to be the underdog,” he should be ecstatic.

Is shouting down a candidate now considered political activism?

Guess “born agains” like their candidates “morality optional.”

I’ve never known a know-it-all who knew anything.

What if we offer Josh Norman less money but agree to name a lake after him?