The Buzz 03.05.16

Gov. McCrory, tear down this toll road!

Thank God for Texas! There may be a way out of this toll mess.

Instead of campaign contributions, Hillary should start raising bail money.

Was that a debate or Insultapalooza?

Cruz/Trump/Rubio give new meaning to “three-ring circus”!

The GOP is about to become a circular firing squad.

GOP created Trumpenstein. Now it’s devouring them.

The silent majority is about to speak up!

Hey GOP leadership, the more you sling mud at Trump the better he looks to me.

Trump is a family man. Elect him and you get his kids in the cabinet.

Marco Rubio has more spin cycles than a Maytag.

Quick! How do I contribute to the Romney campaign?

Is there anything in N.C. that is not taxed now?